ROCKY+ with SoJo
ROCKY+ is an experience to extend and amplify the excitement and anticipation of Rocky Mountain High. What better way to do that than with a dynamic speaker, rapper and motivator from RMH 2017! SoJo is coming to Northwest Iowa in March. Check out more information here.



Community Event OpportunitiesCommunity Event Opportunity
Take a peek at some community youth events happening throughout the Heartland!  Let us know if you’d like to post an event you’re hosting.  Click here to view.



Interested in a Sticky Faith Launch Launch_Kit_Arrived_750_367Kit
The explosive growth of the Sticky Faith movement marks the dawning of a new era in ministry with young people. An increasing number of youth leaders, pastors, and parents are embracing Sticky Faith principles and practices as a response to the mass exodus of teenagers and young adults from the church (see Click here for more information.