This registration page is for YOUTH LEADERS ONLY for GROUP REGISTRATION.

Are you a student or parent with questions? First, ask you youth leader! They will likely have an answer for you. Otherwise they may contact us with your question or you can contact us directly HERE.

As a youth leader, your online account is needed for your students and adults to register for our events!



Your account will manage the list of your registered students and adults, and it will show your total registration amount. Even if your church group has had an online account in the past, you must follow the steps below to create a NEW account because you are a NEW leader.

Create a new account here:

  • IMPORTANT: For your students to register for the events, you will need to TURN ON the event registration form.
    • Once you are logged into your account, click on MY DASHBOARD
    • Of the available events listed, click the TURN ON APPLICATION button next to the desired events you wish your groups to attend
    • The registration form is now available for your church group!

Questions? Feel free to call the Youth Ministries office (712-737-4959) and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Log in to your account here:

If you cannot remember your account password or are having other log-in issues, please call the Youth Ministries office (712-737-4959).


In your online account, click on the event tab you want to submit registration for.

  1. Sign in to your online account.
  2. Click on the Event Apps tab you want to send in registration for
  3. Click “Generate Group Registration” and read and answer all the questions that pop up.
  4. If you are NOT attending the event, change the Contact information on the document to an adult leader that is attending the event
  5. Print the Group Registration Sheet and click "Yes" when asked "Did the document print?"
  6. Write one check for the total amount and drop off/mail the registration sheet and check to the Synod Office at: 612 8th St SE, Orange City, IA 51041.

Your group is now PENDING. Once the office has received your payment, you will be fully registered!