Rocky Mountain High

To view the Rocky 2020 decision video and all information concerning the decision, click here.


Saturday, July 31
Registration TBD
Dorm Check-In TBD

Wednesday, August 4
Check-Out & Departure at 8:00AM

2021 Theme: You Are, I Am

It is one thing to be told who you are, and it is another to know who you are! There are voices constantly telling you who you are and how you fit into this world. It is on you to decipher what is true and what is misleading, and that is a heavy responsibility to handle on your own!

The main sessions of Rocky ‘21 will walk you through the life of Paul and show that Paul was following what he understood as his call or lot in life. However, when he was confronted by truth, he began to see a new way and new direction for his life. Acts 9 shows the process of Paul’s conversion and how he needed to take a new route in life, allow time for learning and trust to be built, and to walk alongside others on the same journey.

Promotional Materials TBD

Rocky Mountain High is an event held every three years. It is geared towards high school students (grades 9-12) and their adult leaders.

This event is held at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. It is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by nature and the sheer beauty of God.

Our goal is to provide a large group encounter with the transformational truth and love of Jesus for students and leaders.


Rocky Mountain High registration will open in October 1, 2020 for high school juniors and seniors of the 2020-2021 school year. The application will be available for freshman and sophomores November 1, 2020.

YOUTH PASTORS: Group Registration and group payment may not be submitted until February 1, 2021.

YOUTH PASTORS: For students to register for the events, you will need to TURN ON the event registration form. See the Youth Leader Account page to learn more about this.


  • Water bottle!!!!!
  • Casual clothes
  • Sweatshirt or jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Comfortable walking shoes (there will be LOTS of walking!)
  • Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)
  • Hat
  • Bible & pen
  • Flashlight (it gets dark at the camp at night)
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Swimsuit & towel (for pool)
  • Mission offering
  • Spending money (for snacks, souvenirs, t-shirts)

Towels and Linens
The YMCA Camp will provide linens (bedding) and one towel per person.  Although you will have the opportunity to receive a clean towel(s) during the event, you may wish to bring an extra towel along.

Recreation PLUS
If you will be participating in a Recreation Plus option, please bring appropriate items for your activity.
For example: if you are assigned golfing – bring your golf clubs.

To see a specific packing list for your assigned activity, please see below:

National Forest (Alluvial Fan & Trail Ridge)
Good Shoes (for optional hike)
Water/Water Bottle

Water/Water Bottle

Climbing Wall
Good shoes
Water/Water Bottle

Golf clubs or money to rent golf clubs

Hallett Peak Hike
Good hiking shoes/boots (NOT flip flops)
Water/water bottle
Rain jacket
Small pack to carry these items

Horseback Riding (Jackson & Sombrero)
Casual clothing
Jacket for rain
Items not to bring due to possibility of spooking the horses: NO backpacks | NO ponchos | NO water bottles

Jeep Tour
Weather appropriate clothes

Mountain Hiking
Good hiking shoes/boots (NOT flip flops)
Rain jacket
Small pack to carry these items
Water will be provided

River Rafting
Tennis shoes or water shoes – close-toed required!
Nylon wind breaker (no cotton-liner)
Shorts (quick-drying)
Change of clothes (dry clothes for the bus ride back)

Rock Climbing & Rappelling
Hiking shoes/boots
Water/water bottle
Rain jacket
Small pack to carry these items